IniciatIVesCancer patient safety in intravenous therapy



One of the most disturbing aspects of cancer treatment is the need for multiple painful venipunctures for the administration of chemotherapy and other supportive therapies.

There are numerous published venous access catheter selection algorithms. However, none are specific applications in cancer patients.

Nuestro reto consistía en ofrecer una respuesta a esta necesidad médica no cubierta desde un prisma multidisciplinar.


To know the current situation regarding the management of cancer patients, a committee of experts prepared a population survey in an online format at the national level.

In parallel, an updated bibliographic review was implemented on the main aspects related to intravenous therapy, and venous access devices used in Oncology, and current protocols.


The survey was accomplished by 178 health professionals belonging to 98 Spanish hospitals, achieving statistical representativeness of the results at the national level.

The expert committee developed a series of tools that could be potentially integrated into electronic prescription systems to offer homogeneous criteria and a series of recommendations aimed at guaranteeing both patient safety and the rational use of resources.

With the main conclusions drawn from this analysis, a publication has been prepared and accepted by the journal Clinical and Translational Oncology and will be shared with the scientific community.

Besides, an executive summary was prepared in a deliverable and attractive format, detailing some aspects, and will be delivered to health professionals in the sector.