The COVID-19 crisis has revealed a series of challenges that the health system will have to face in the aftermath of the pandemic. Meeting these new needs implies redesigning and adapting the collaboration models between the different actors in the health sector.


We set out to identify the changes that will occur in the relationship of industry health with patients, health professionals, health services, health organizations, and scientific societies, to generate further initiatives of value to help overcome these challenges.

Subsequently, a Meeting in a box was delivered with the presentations of the papers and the resolved hot questions, for the subsequent dissemination of content in local meetings.

To do this, we carry out a series of actions. First, we launched an online survey of a representative multidisciplinary group, which collected the vision and perception of the different professional profiles. Some of the conclusions highlighted and shared were: the value of our health system resides in the health professionals, their adaptability and flexibility; the need to review the health model; the need to adapt infrastructures; the essential role of primary care and coordination between levels of care; or the need to optimize the application and use of technology.

Later, we organized a digital meeting in which experts from all fields participated, such as Alejo Miranda de Larra, General Director of Infrastructures of SERMAS; or managers of private centers such as José Luis García Oliva, Purchasing Director of the HM Group. In this digital environment, topics of great interest were discussed, such as the value of the Purchasing and Logistics area as a critical element in responding to health demands.


Based on these initiatives and thanks to the collaboration of recognized experts, we were able to identify the main challenges that await us after COVID-19, as well as establish the bases for possible solutions that will direct us towards a more effective, efficient, and greater quality service.